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Embrace Collapsible

There are several Embraceā„¢ tension fabric displays that fit into a 20ft wide inline space. Choose from a 20ft wide straight option, as well as a 13.5ft U-Shaped display or 11ft L-shaped display. The 20ft side straight backwall features one seamless graphic. All come with your choice of full fitted, front, single and double-sided graphics.

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Display Size
  1. 20' Inline1

Illuminated Display
  1. Yes1

Quality Range
  1. Standard Product1

Hardware Warranty
  1. Lifetime Warranty1

  1. New Product1New Design3Product includes carry bag or case5Product can be recycled5

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Embrace 20ft Backlit Full Height Push-Fit Tension Fabric Display

The Embrace™ 20ft (8 Quad x 3 Quad) backlit push-fit fabric display is a sleek illuminated collapsible display. The Backlit Embrace makes it simple to make a big impact in minutes with easy-to-attach patent-pending LED lighting and a push-fit backlit graphic that attaches to channel bars around the perimeter of the frame. Simply attach ligh...

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